phallosan-forteWelcome to our review and the Phallosan Forte experience of one of our patients. Phallosan Forte is a medical extensor and is considered in the scene as the non-plus ultra in penis enlargement. According to previous users it seems to be a kind of miracle weapon against the fight with one’s own genitals, as it can be used for penis enlargement, penis straightening or erectile dysfunction. The main focus, however, is on penis enlargement / lengthening. The penis extender can be purchased directly from the manufacturer as well as in the pharmacy. Phallosan Forte is the only device in this range with a PZN (Pharmacy Central Number). We will show you which successes can be achieved with the medical stretcher and which experiences our patients have had with this device. To help you understand how the Phallosan Forte works, you can watch the following short video from the manufacturer to get an overview of how it works. If you can’t see the video right now, just read on to experience Phallosan Forte.

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How does the Phallosan Forte work?

In simple terms, a penis extender does nothing but stretch the penis. A penis extender uses the simple mechanism of cell formation by stretching. This makes the application as effective as it is simple. When a tissue is continuously and consistently stretched, it automatically stimulates the body to replicate new cells. This mechanism is now used in modern medicine and has its origins in the primitive peoples of our planet.

The Phallosan Forte can automatically grow the penis through a negative pressure and traction. According to various studies, the Phallosan Forte can easily eliminate curvatures or deformations of the penis. According to numerous Phallosan Forte experiences it can happen that an application over several months leads to a three-dimensional expansion. This means that the penis would not only grow in length, but would also increase in girth with the application. Since new cells have formed, they will remain after the device is no longer used. This means for you: one-time use – permanent results.

There is no better option than a natural penis enlargement – assuming you don’t have 8000€ for an operation.

The Before After Comparison

Also with the Phallosan Forte one should look at the connection between time and results. A before and after comparison is the best way to visualize the results. The table shows the average results of 100 test subjects who used the Phallosan Forte. The average value gives a realistic insight into the possible results with the medical extender. Successes vary according to discipline and disposition. Some patients had less success than the average, others gained up to 4.9cm in length. The table is limited to penis enlargement.

Length not erected Lenght erected Extend not erected Extend erected
starting position 9,1cm 13,8cm 6,2cm 11,2cm
After 3 Months 10,9cm 15,1cm 7,5cm 12,7cm
After 6 Months 12,3cm 17,7cm 8,4cm 14,6cm
Results +3,2cm +3,9cm +2,2cm +3,4cm

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Swiss Sana – the company behind Phallosan Forte

phallosan forteThe company now has 14 years of experience in the development and manufacture of systems for prostate surgery aftercare, penis enlargement, help with erectile dysfunction, penis straightening, retractio penis (small penis due to overweight) and induratio penis plastica (connective tissue diseases of the penis).

The brand has not established itself in this area without reason. In the meantime, 80% of all customers search directly for the brand name. Swiss Sana Anstalt serves more than 134 countries with the Phallosan Forte and the shops are available in over 20 languages. In addition, Swiss Sana cooperates with several hospitals and pharmacies. At first glance, the seriousness of the company seems to be high. There is a Phallosan Forte Support which can be reached during normal business hours. It is available in 8 languages by phone and email.

Should you buy the Phallosan Forte?

Who is in a hurry: Before we delve deeper into this topic, we want to give you a clear and unambiguous answer. The Phallosan is the best of all the medical vacuum devices we have tested. We have had patients with various problems such as erectile dysfunction, penile curvature and the biggest problem, according to many patients, is the small penis. We have conducted tests with various penis pumps, natural sexual enhancers, manual methods, the PenimasterPro and other manufacturers on ebay and Amazon. After 2-3 years of intensive comparisons, we were able to determine that none of the possibilities mentioned brought such success as Phallosan. In short: Even though there are many devices for this purpose, you will not find a comparable alternative in this area. This is of course also shown in the price, which is however relativized by the unrivalled effect.

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Nothing happens without a reason. So it is also with the decision whether one would like to buy the Phallosan Forte or not. There can be many reasons why you made the decision to enlarge your penis, straighten your penis or counteract erectile dysfunction. Phallosan Forte can be a good alternative to a sexual enhancer in case of erectile dysfunction. According to numerous studies, 69% of men in Germany have similar problems. In Germany alone, 28 million men wish to have a larger penis, fight impotence or straighten it. After all, 81% of men associate a larger penis with more self-confidence.

The Phallosan Forte can be bought in a few online pharmacies or on the official website. The price of the Phallosan Forte varies greatly among online pharmacies. We therefore advise against buying from pharmacies. There the Phallosan Forte is often much more expensive than with the manufacturer. Spare parts and other accessories are also only available on the official website. The price of the manufacturer side is thus the lowest in the net. A used device would still be possible for people with a limited budget, but we advise against it for hygiene reasons.

Individual parts and scope of delivery of the Phallosan Forte

  • Elastic belt
  • Suction bell in size L with L-sleeve condom
  • Suction bell in size M with M-sleeve condom and assembled tension clip
  • Suction bell in size L with S-sleeve condom
  • 4 sleeve-condoms (1x S, 2x M, 1x L)
  • 2x protector caps
  • Tension clip
  • Suction ball with 3-way valve
  • Instructions for use
  • Measuring template
  • Travel bag

Phallosan Forte experiences and testimonials

When buying, as with any other product, you should look at the reviews, studies and experiences of other buyers. These reflect the actual impressions and facts of the Phallosan Forte after months of testing. The Phallosan Forte experiences are therefore also very meaningful and can be decisive for the decision or against the decision of a purchase. Various experiences can be found on blogs on the topic or in relevant forums. There many give their opinion or reports about the product and can give you good and realistic impressions.

When it comes to penis extenders, you have to admit that there are many black sheep on the market. Because there are numerous alternatives on the penis extender market, and not all of them are suitable, as many other tests prove. Surely one or the other who deals with the topic penis enlargement has already tried other devices or also “miracle pills” and has perhaps so far hardly been able to achieve success. But maybe you are relatively new to this topic. In case you are completely new, it has to be said that you are really lucky to get to know the Phallosan Forte directly from the experience report. Your search could end here, because according to my research and experience with numerous patients, there is no penis extender on the market that is as sophisticated and sophisticated as the Phallosan Forte.

Most patients gained between 3cm and 4cm in length in erect condition during the year. Since the Phallosan Forte does not only make the penis longer, but the penis can also increase in thickness, you can find detailed and detailed reports and experiences on both and create your own picture and opinion. Of course you can strengthen the whole thing with different methods like the Jelq technique or a penis pump, but the penis extender from Swiss Sana Anstalt should be more than enough for most.

Phallosan Forte Study

There is a whole study about Phallosan Forte and its effects. Whether it is true or not we will tell you now. Because surely some may doubt whether the study which the manufacturer has published directly is true or not. Because what is it called so beautifully? Don’t trust any statistics that you haven’t falsified yourself. A total of 24 patients took part in the study over a period of 6 months.

Purpose of the Phallosan Forte study and who conducted it

Purpose of the study: To determine whether a (statistically) significant change in penis circumference and length can be detected after six months with Phallosan Forte.

  • Study written by: Dr. Clemens Tilke
  • Study completed: April 15, 2005
  • Duration of the study: 6 months

So it seems as if you take the Phallosan Forte study really seriously. Meanwhile already 13 years have passed. So the device has been on the market for at least that long. The study is what fascinated us the most. The contents are professionally processed and the results are quite realistic. Swiss Sana has done everything to show that it is possible with a certain discipline.

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Various forums around the Phallosan Forte

There is no official forum to the Phallosan Forte or from the manufacturer directly. But there are relatively large forums in the general area of penis enlargement with very many active members with many Phallosan Forte experience reports. Here you can find like-minded people as well as tips, experiences and opinions. A lot of threads are about penis enlargement. Here you can read yourself before the decision of a purchase once again and find perhaps still supporting aids to accelerate the process of penis enlargement. .

Another forum is In general it is a forum about health, beauty and nutrition. However there is also there a forum which concerns itself purely with the topic Penisvergrößerung . Also there are many threads around this topic and different persons who show their experiences and insights to the Phallosan Forte. We find forums very useful because real users and real buyers share your experience. This is much more meaningful than fake testimonials with funny names and funny profile pictures. In both forums you can easily exchange ideas about the topic and often find like-minded people. Surely there are still many international forums to this topic. At this point Google will help you.

Does Phallosan Forte have any side effects?

There are no known side effects of Phallosan Forte. When using Phallosan Forte, the penis can hurt a little as an inexperienced user. However, this will change over time. It is actually like a kind of muscle ache in the penis, because the body simply becomes active here and forms new cells. Other side effects of Phallosan Forte are not yet known. The materials are also perfectly skin-friendly and have also been extensively tested for skin compatibility. So there should be no side effects.

Phallosan Forte – alternatives to the penis extender

When choosing the right penis extender one always asks oneself which device is the right one. After all, you don’t want to throw your money out the window uselessly. Alternatives to Phallosan Forte are like sand at the sea. We have tested most of the alternatives including different penis pumps with different patients and agreed that no device can match the Phallosan Forte. The belt tension system of the Phallosan Forte is currently simply without alternative. In the areas of penis straightening, penis enlargement and impotence, the Phallosan has achieved above-average results, especially in terms of wearing comfort. So far, other devices have not been able to claim this.

Conclusion on the Phallosan Forte

My conclusion on the Phallosan Forte by Swiss Sana Anstalt is positive throughout. According to different customer opinions and all experiences, which were made by patients with the Phallosan Forte, the penis extender is the best on the market. No matter if people from forums, Facebook groups or individual testers, everyone has had some success with the Phallosan Forte penis extender. The company works transparently and has great support. This is not self-evident in this market and shows seriousness. The manufacturer Swiss Sana Anstalt has its own app for the Phallosan Forte, with which everyone can track their wearing time and progress. The accessories are incredibly extensive and you have a very precise manual for the penis extender. The penis extender is shipped in an unrecognizable package. This means that even neighbours can accept the package, as the packaging does not reveal anything about the contents. The anonymous packaging is therefore discreet.

Of course, the price is not exactly low, but for a 6-month application the whole thing becomes relative. After all, you pay for the result afterwards! The field of penis enlargement has a huge community and in every country an insanely large number of interested people. Therefore you will always find someone to exchange experiences with. The results of the Penisextender vary naturally from person to person, however a constant success is to be expected with constant application. The forecasts in the app are partly very accurate. The only prerequisite for this is a continuous use of the penis enlarger. If you want to get started, you can add the Phallosan Now directly to your shopping cart.

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The Phallosan Forte Study & Phallosan Forte Results – Is It Trustworthy?

phallosan forte studie

This is a beautified and simplified version of the official clinical Phallosan study. All data contained here are unchanged from the original. The purpose of writing this review is to facilitate the understanding of the results found without reading the entire 36-page technical and medical document.

I excluded several diagrams that covered aspects of the participants that I considered irrelevant: Weight, age, erection strength and duration, and ejaculation frequency. There was little or no change in these measurements from the start of the study to the end. I focused primarily on showing the average change in penis size, because ultimately this data is the most important for decision making.

I encourage you to read the official clinical study, it gives a more specific picture than I do here, albeit much more complicated. But if you’re really interested, you can just read through the study to the end. You won’t get any stupider. In addition, you can also form your own picture of the study afterwards.

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To the manufacturer

Implementation of the study

There is a medical study about the Phallosan Forte which was carried out by Prof. Dr. med. Sohn. He is chief physician in a urological clinic in Germany. In 2005 a study around this penis extender was carried out and started. Dr. med. Hanikel evaluated the data at that time. In the study of the penis extender the penis length, sexual behaviour, sensitivity, ejaculation and side effects were examined. All this at a wearing time of 6 months. The study consists of 36 pages and is only roughly outlined here. If you want to read through everything before buying, you can find the Phallosan study here.

Click here for the clinical study

About the study

The average age of the various patients was approximately 41 years, with the youngest patient being 20 years old and the oldest 68 years old. The average weight of the patients was approximately 82 kg, with the lightest patient weighing 65.5 kg and the heaviest 129 kg.

In total, the penis was measured three times during the test period. The first time at the start of the study, the second time after 3 months and the last and third time after 6 months. The penis was measured within the study with different indices. First of all the test with the penis circumference took place, then a test with the penis in the non-erect state and finally a measurement of the penis in the erect state. Whether the test persons used the Phallosan Forte App has not been clarified. However, it may well be that the participants in the study used it as a support.

Measurement of penis circumference

minimum 25% median average 75% maximum
Studienstart 9,50cm 10,00cm 10,40cm 10,60cm 11,50cm 12,70cm
Nach 3 Monaten 9,50cm 10,50cm 11,50cm 11,30cm 11,85cm 13,50cm
Nach 6 Monaten 9,70cm 10,50cm 11,50cm 11,40cm 11,90cm 13,50cm
The smallest circumference of a penis at the start of the study was about 9.50 cm. The thickest penis was 12.70 cm. On average, the patients had a diameter of 10.60 cm. After 6 months the mean value of the penis increased by 0.8 cm. That is enormous with the penis circumference. The before and after comparison with Phallosan Forte is really remarkable and you can feel the difference.

Measurement of penis length in an unerect state

minimum 25% median average 75% maximum
Study start 4,80cm 6,85cm 8,00cm 7,90cm 9,15cm 10,80cm
After 3 Months 5,50cm 7,65cm 8,85cm 8,74cm 9,70cm 12,00cm
After 6 Months 6,70cm 8,40cm 9,00cm 9,38cm 10,40cm 13,40cm
At the beginning of this study, the mean value was 7.90 cm. The shortest penis was 4.8 cm and the longest was 10.80 cm long. On average, the study participants had a length of 8.74 cm. Also here one can observe extreme jumps of up to 2.6 cm after 6 months.

Measurement of penis length in erect state

minimum 25% median average 75% maximum
Study start 8,70cm 10,85cm 12,00cm 12,30cm 13,90cm 15,50cm
After 3 Months 10,50cm 12,10cm 13,20cm 13,40cm 14,35cm 16,00cm
After 6 Months 11,00cm 12,90cm 13,90cm 14,10cm 15,25cm 16,50cm
According to this study, the Phallosan Forte was also able to achieve consistently positive results in the erect state. The numbers of penis length increase drastically after 6 months of study. No matter at which point or in which condition a measurement was made, the Phallosan Forte could shoot the centimeters upwards in every respect. For us this means: This penis extender has it definitely in itself!

So, how long did people wear the phallosan?

I have included this point in this article because many people ask how long the results will last. From my perspective – I didn’t care how long it would take. If I could win a whole centimeter, I didn’t care what I had to do or how long I had to do it. I think that’s why I achieved the results I have. Keep an eye on your goal and how you will feel when you have achieved it – not how laborious the process of achieving it can be.

The participants were all obliged to wear the fixture for at least 2 hours a day. On average it was worn more than six hours a day. Most of the time spent stretching in a day was 10 hours, and the least time reported for a day was two hours.

I would like to add a comment here; I have looked at many clinical trials and read how they take place. Most of this information is reported independently by the participants. That is, these guys were asked by the doctor how long they wore the device each day. For this reason, I would bet these numbers are at a high level.

Click here for the clinical study

About the study

So does that mean the Phallosan Forte works?

Yes, this clinical study reports that (at least within this small test group) it is a device capable of causing significant changes in penis length and measurable changes in penis circumference. Based on the circumference figures, I do not recommend making Phallosan the primary tool to increase your circumference. For the length, however, I highly recommend it. Phallosan forte is prescribed by physicians (in Germany and Switzerland, perhaps others as well) for three medical questions:

  • Micropenis (penis less than 6 centimeters long erect)
  • Peyronie’s disease (penis bending to the left or right)
  • E.D. (weak erectile force)

My thoughts and recommendations

I recommend Phallosan Forte to almost anyone who asks me about the comment function, as opposed to alternatives. The penis extender offers a comfortable wearing comfort, is easy to use and you can sleep with it without worrying about discomfort or penis injuries. If you want to know more and have already read all the information on our site that I have shared from my own experience – go to the official website of phallosan. They have a lot of other information and diagrams that you can look at to make a decision.

Click here for the clinical study

About the study


phallosan forte fazitIn my opinion, the Phallosan Forte study is completely realistic. One should also take these results only as a rough guideline and not as a yardstick. If you set the bar too high you will be disappointed if the results are not higher than those of the study. Or at least the same. Therefore always remember: Every penis is different and the results can vary from person to person. For some, more or less. In itself, however, the study was conducted under realistic conditions and over a reasonable period of time. The results that were observed are realistic and it can be clearly seen in the study that the results were also different for the test persons. The study is therefore not a cheap marketing strategy but actually a real study.

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