Our people make the difference.

NANAINA is a committed group of persons from every corner of the country, dedicated to the health and well-being of the American Indian and Alaska Native people. Some of us are ourselves American Indian, Alaska Native, some not. We are nurses, non-nurses, serving or not in communities and programs for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Regardless, we hope you will join us in our cause, our endeavors to raise the health of our people and to advance our profession.

Our History

NANAINA is founded upon its predecessor organization, American Indian Nurses Association (AINA), later called American Indian Alaska Native Nurses Association (AIANNA), which disbanded in 1984 with approximately two thousand members. Since that time, small chapters and groups of American Indian Nurses have continued to promote and support Alaska Native American Indian (AN/AI) students, nurses, and allied health professionals. This has been accomplished through the development of leadership skills, continuing education, and advocacy for improved health care through culturally competent health care to AN/AI consumers.

The current organization, NANAINA, was born at a 1993 North Dakota gathering of nurse leaders from around the country. Their desire was to “rekindle the spirit” and “reconnect the circle” thereby re-establishing an organization that would represent AN/AI nurses as well as work to improve the health care services to AN/AI peoples.


NANAINA exemplifies excellence in nursing through outreach, self-determination, and research by using traditions and innovation to achieve health equity.


NANAINA unites American Indian/Alaska Native nurses and those who care for AN/AI people to improve the health and well-being of American Indian/Alaska Native people.


Integrity, respect and spirituality will guid NANAINA throughout the generations.