You are certainly here because you want to buy the Phallosan Forte. The Phallosan Forte is a medical device that combines the belt with a vacuum pump. With this penis extender it is possible to increase the length and girth of your penis over a period of time. The erectile function can also be positively influenced by the device. Already in 2005 Phallosan proved the effectiveness of the medical penis extender in a study. In this study, the participants wore the penis extender for 6 months and reported that, in addition to the pleasant wearing comfort, the penis was enlarged. It was also confirmed that the subjects experienced a longer and harder erection.

However, you should be careful when searching for the Phallosan Forte. Because here there are many free riders who try to use the good reputation of the Phallosan for themselves. Here forgeries are sold that will definitely not have the efficacy of Phallosan. The danger to fall for such an offer is greater than thought, since often even product pictures of Phallosan are used. The product sent is often but not the original. However, with a few simple previous knowledge this will certainly not happen to you. There are many ways to order the Phallosan. The cheapest way to get the Phallosan is from the manufacturer:

Directly to the manufacturer’s page

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Buy Phallosan Forte in pharmacy – Order

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There are different ways to buy the Phallosan Forte. The safest way is to buy the Phallosan Forte from the original manufacturer. The Phallosan can be bought directly there at Within 3-4 working days the medical penis extender is at your home. This is the safest way because you can not fall for plagiarism.

Beside the original manufacturer side there is however still another way to get the Penisstrecker. This way is also safe and can be used without problems. This way is the purchase in the pharmacy. The penis extender Phallosan Forte is with a PZN a registered medical aid and can therefore also be obtained from pharmacies. This is why you will definitely receive an original product from Swiss Sana in this way. In most cases, however, the pharmacy first has to order the Phallosan, so you have to expect a longer delivery time.

Where is the price lowest?

phallosan forteAt the manufacturer Swiss Sana the normal Phallosan Forte Set costs a total of 259 Euro. The shipping costs you once again 8 euros, so they are at an order value of 267€. This set contains all necessary components, with which you can use the full functional range of the device. You will also receive a replacement for the cuff condoms. Of course, the individual parts are also available in the official online shop of Swiss Sana. If you need spare parts, you can reorder them here.

Directly to the manufacturer’s page

Grab your Phallosan Forte

In the pharmacy the price can be over 300€. Sometimes online pharmacies charge over 100€ more for the Phallosan Forte than it costs the manufacturer. This is mainly due to the fact that the pharmacy adds corresponding margins to the original price of the Phallosan Forte in accordance with the existing scale of charges. And of course the pharmacies would also like to earn something from the product. That’s why they pay more at eingies pharmacies than at manufacturers. In addition, the service provided by pharmacies is not comparable to that provided by the manufacturer. Swiss Sana offers customer service by telephone. All questions about the product can be asked here. Pharmacies, are not in the picture with the functions and the application of the medical Penisstreckers. Corresponding information would first have to be obtained in order to be able to help you as a customer. As far as discretion is concerned, you can expect very little from pharmacies.

The official website also contains the original Phallosan Forte study. Here you will find further important and in-depth information about the application and the product itself.

Another advantage of ordering the device from the manufacturer over from the pharmacy is that the spare parts mentioned above can be ordered from the manufacturer without any problems. The effort to go to the pharmacy first in order to inform oneself about the corresponding individual parts and to have to reorder them is simply too great. In individual cases, you can even hope for goodwill from the manufacturer if individual parts are damaged within a short period of time.


Order Amazon & Ebay – Avoid the purchase!

If the manufacturer had decided to list its product on the Ebay and Amazon platforms, then these would also appear there in a correspondingly professional manner. But if you are looking for cheaper offers, you will definitely come across products on Amazon or Ebay at some point. Here often different sets of the penis extender are offered. According to our experience these offers are fraud and should not be noticed.

Directly to the manufacturer’s page

Grab your Phallosan Forte

On Ebay there are also some offers, which are original, but just used. And buying a used product on such a topic is not exactly hygienic. Although you could disinfect the product yourself, the prices of used products are disproportionately high. Here they pay sometimes at most 60-70€ less. Our tip: finger off Phallosan Forte on Amazon and Ebay. The manufacturer is always the best contact person concerning the service as also concerning the price. No third party provider can keep up with that.

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